Vitamin IVInjectable nutrient therapy is offered twice weekly via our registered nurses. Total parenteral nutrition (TRPN) is a relatively common procedure in hospitals when a patient is unable to tolerate oral intake due to recent surgery or gastrointestinal problems. In a similar fashion the injectable nutrients we provide can assist with patients in these special situations, or when suffering from uncontrolled inflammatory illness, cancer or fatigue.

These nutrients are prescribed by the doctors at the clinic according to well-established protocols, and with regard to the literature on the subject which is constantly evolving. Some recent literature on the subject is listed below:

Marik et al Sepsis study:
Note: this study is expected to be followed up by multicentre randomised controlled trials, which are already recruiting.

Klimant et al Cancer review:
Note: this article proposes a rational protocol for intravenous vitamin C and its use along with chemotherapy in cancer management.

Carr & Cook Vitamin C review:
Note: like the previously listed study, this review looks at what is known and what remains to be elucidated in the use of intravenous vitamin C for cancer therapy.

Jankowska et al Heart Failure review:
Note: this is a meta-analysis of studies on IV iron therapy suggesting a significant benefit of intravenous iron in heart failure patients.

Hauser et al Parkinson’s Disease study:
Note: this was a randomised controlled study of intravenous glutathione in Parkinson’s disease and suggested a “mild symptomatic effect”.