At the current time, Dr Gupta’s books are closed and (so at this time), all new patient inquiries are being forwarded to Dr. Cabena for consideration. Dr. Cabena is very experienced in all the modalities the clinic offers.

People wishing to inquire about becoming a new patient of Dr. Cabena, please use the contact form with the completed New Patient Enquiry Form below attached. By returning this form to us, the doctor can review your information and advise if they are able to assist you and your health concerns, or if another practitioner may be more suitable.

If a patient wishes to see Dr. Cabena due to suspected, or previously diagnosed, Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (CIRS)/Mould Illness it is recommended that Dr. Gutpa’s course Mold Illness Made Simple be completed or at least partly undertaken before the consultation.

Forms for new patients (Dr. Cabena)

Forms for existing patients (Dr. Cabena & Dr. Gupta)

Forms for naturopathy (Hannah Moore)

Forms for psychology, counselling and hypnotherapy (Rosemary Colston)