Open Positions

Integrative Health Practitioners (GP or Specialist) (full-time)

We currently have two positions for full-time General Practitioners or specialists to work at the Lotus clinic, open to applicants with at least one year of experience practicing an integrative approach.

Team players who love to continue learning and growing would be highly recommended. Mentoring can be provided in specific areas, such as biotoxin illness.

Lotus Holistic Medicine focuses on standard integrative medicine areas (e.g. gastrointestinal health, low carbohydrate diet, mental health, cancer, and hormones) as well as more innovative areas (including mould and tick-borne illness, mast cell activation syndrome, and multiple chemical sensitivity) and manages patients from all around Australia. We have a 3-month waiting list currently with a list of patients ready to be called upon. We have an innovative remuneration system that may allow far greater earnings than traditional percentage models. There is a self-growth mindset of the whole team and the opportunity to be part of a community that includes being part of yoga, emotional healing, health coaching, and holistic medicine consults on yourself, which can allow greater self-growth one of the deepest reasons for being in the integrative movement. A dedicated IV nutrient clinic and hyperthermia also assist with cancer and other critical patient management.

Other features:

  • Dedicated room (two rooms available with natural light currently).
  • Guidance from experienced integrative medicine practitioner Dr. Sandeep Gupta.
  • Dedicated parking with a comfortable working environment.
  • Flexibility around time spent with patients to ensure total patient care (10 min appointments are rare, the average is around 30 mins-1 hour currently).
  • Dedicated in-house hyperthermia and hyperbaric oxygen therapy administered by onsite nurses.
  • Dedicated IV clinic and products.
  • Skilled and knowledgeable health coach to assist with client progress in between appointments.
  • Skilled receptionist who can convey the essence of the integrative approach to prospective clients.
  • Multidisciplinary health programs are currently in place so clients get online education and health coaching along with medical consultations.
  • Emphasis on personal growth and development.


Interested in the above role?

Please contact if you would like to apply for, or find out more about, any of the opportunities above.

Not Actively Seeking

Nursing and clinical team

Our nursing team is not currently actively hiring, but opportunities may arise in the near future as we grow. Please watch this space for opportunities.