Q. Can I email the doctors at any time regarding matters I have forgotten, questions I think of, or articles I have read, or points that were not covered, during a consultation?
A. No.

The doctors at Lotus Holistic Medicine spend almost all their time at the clinic in consultation with clients face-to-face or via Skype or telephone.

These questions are best handled in the context of a consultation. We recommend first consulting these FAQs, then any consultation summaries or information sheets provided by your doctor, then making a face-to-face, phone or Skype consultation if the answer cannot be found.

Your emails are received and actioned by our wonderful Reception team; who are not clinical staff and cannot provide medical recommendations.

Q. In what circumstances is email communication appropriate?
A. When you have a simple non-medical query or information to provide to our administration team to add to your file for the Drs to review.


Q. How do I make an appointment with the doctors?
A. For IV nutrient or new patient bookings, please call us on (07) 5313 3577, these can only be booked over the phone.

Note: Our next new patient appointment is not until at least March 2022, or later, across all of our Doctors. We thank you for your patience and understanding that this is the timeline you can expect upon enquiry.

To book your follow up appointments, the easiest way is to either book at the reception desk after your appointment, or via our online booking system. You can utilise this by visiting our HotDoc page or clicking the “Book Appointment” button above. You can also find us on the HotDoc Smartphone app.

Q. How often should I have appointments with the doctors?
A. Your doctor will advise when is best to make your next appointment, based on your individual case.

Typically, monthly appointments are recommended for the first 3 months, with follow up appointments ranging from monthly to yearly thereafter depending on your medical needs.

Q. Can I have all my medical appointments via phone or video conference?
A. No.

Your initial consultation must be face to face with our Doctors.

You also must physically attend a minimum of 1 appointment per year in-clinic. This is both for us to ensure you are receiving the highest level of care, as well as to ensure you are eligible for maximum Medicare rebates.

Q. Are your doctors fully medically qualified?
A. Our team of Integrative Doctors are all fully qualified General Practitioners.
Q. Can one of the doctors be my general practitioner for routine matters as well?
A. It is recommended that you maintain a relationship with a standard GP for routine matters. The style of consultation and our high demand makes it very difficult to get in at the last minute to see a doctor.

Q. What does a consultation cost? Why is this more than a standard GP?
A. Consultations are charged at between $60 – $80 / 10 minutes depending on which Doctor you see. For an hour consult, this is $360- $480, with a Medicare rebate of $110.50. Your out of pocket is between $250 – $370.

For a 30 minute consult, this is $180-$240 with a $75 rebate. Your out of pocket is between $105 – $165.

These fees are in line with the standard charges for General Practitioners, however a standard GP will generally only offer consultations of between 5 – 20 minutes.

As we offer longer consultations, this is why the gap is larger.

Q. What is the cancellation & payments policy
When making appointments at Lotus Holistic Medicine with our practitioners, they set aside time for you to look after your health. As we can be booked up for months our time is valuable and trust you will understand why we have costs involved when cancelling appointments at short notice.

For Dr. Gupta:

1. Cancelling within 24 Hours / No Show Fee: will be 50% of the Doctor’s Consult Fee
2. New Patient Cancellation / No Show Fee: will be the $150 deposit taken at the time of booking
3. No new appointments can be made without first paying your outstanding balance.

For Jacqui Raadschelders (Health Coach):

1. No Show Fee: 50% of Jacqui’s Consult Fee (for singular paying patients)
2. No Show Fee: 100% of Jacqui’s Consult Fee will be absorbed into the package and counted as a loss of attendance (for package patients)


Q. I didn’t bring home a prescription for the compounded medication. Was this forgotten?
A. Generally compounded prescriptions are faxed through to the relevant compounding pharmacy. The pharmacy will call you when they have received the order to provide a quote.

If you have a preferred pharmacy, please advise your doctor.

Q. My local pharmacy says they can’t fill my prescription?
A. If your prescription is for a non-PBS medication, you will need to have it filled at a compounding pharmacy. We are happy to assist with recommendations.
Q. Can I simply get repeat prescriptions for my medications via email?
A. No, but you can request them online: Existing Patient Services. This is a paid service but does not require you to make an appointment.


Q. How do I get my results?
A. Any pathology or testing can only be released by your doctor. This is why we recommend you rebook on the day of your appointment for your next review. Our reception team cannot release results.

Screening Tests

Q. Should I continue having screening tests as recommended by my other medical practitioners?
A. Our doctors recommend proceeding with pap smear, breast imaging and/or colonoscopy screening for serious disease as recommended by the majority of the medical profession.

Pathology/imaging request forms

Q. I have lost my pathology or imaging request form. Can I get another one via email?
A. We do not hold copies of pathology request forms. Please make an appointment for a replacement pathology request form to be made. If you cannot make an appointment, you can request one via the referrals / forms request portal here: Existing Patient Services.
Q. Why do our doctors put some pathology tests on a Non-Medicare form (that other doctors can put on regular Medicare forms)?
A. Generally, only the more standard pathology tests including FBC (FBE), E/LFT, ESR, fasting lipids and CRP are rebateable with Medicare. As Medicare covers only tests that are deemed ‘medically necessary’ and most of the nutritional tests issued are preventative testing, this is the unfortunate situation we are in.