Lotus Holistic Medicine

Lotus Holistic Medicine’s philosophy

Holistic medicine means an approach to medicine in which all factors contributing to wellness or un-wellness are included. Integrative medicine is another name for it.

Holistic doctors are generally thoroughly trained in both conventional medicine and also in complementary medicine modalities.

Conventional medicine over the last couple of centuries has focused largely on disease as being like an external invader to the body. This is the premise of the widely-accepted “germ theory” of Pasteur and Robert Koch. This model probably served us well up until the early 1900s where the major causes of death and morbidity were infectious diseases such as polio, smallpox and the like. It has also become very adept at dealing with acute life-threatening illnesses like heart attacks, sepsis, trauma and the like.

However, we are now in an era where chronic degenerative diseases are on the rise. We do not die of polio anymore, it’s cancer, heart disease and complications of diabetes. Most of these are not acute attacks which come from nowhere, but rather conditions which start silently, and progress, and are related to diet and lifestyle.

We are currently seeing an epidemic of Type 2 diabetes and obesity in Australia. This epidemic is showing no signs of turning the corner. Our emergency departments are overflowing, not with people with acute life-threatening problems, but with chronic degenerative ailments that just don’t seem to be getting better.

Have we missed the boat somewhere?

Our core philosophy is that the health of the fish is only as good as the health of the water it is swimming around in. The biological terrain of our body becomes compromised through eating foods loaded with sugar, refined carbohydrates, animal proteins and dairy products. This combined with poorly managed stress, poor digestion, lack of exercise, poor circulation and diminished spiritual and creative expression leads to a recipe for a progressive decline in the precious terrain of our body.

The swamp breeds mosquitoes, not the other way around

If we start to reverse the acidic, compromised terrain of the body using an alkalising, nutrient-dense plant-based diet, individualised to one’s constitution, coupled with regular exercise, relaxation, meditation, spiritual and creative expression and joy, we will start to see our chronic conditions also reversing themselves. These can reverse without any antibiotics, complex medical investigations or procedures. Of course, these can be utilised in emergency situations, but really that is where their role probably ends. The key in the current era is in a holistic approach that reverses the morbid influences making us susceptible to chronic degenerative disease.