The consultation starts with patients filling out a comprehensive questionnaire to pinpoint the primary areas of current concern so that the consultation can be streamlined and relevant information available.

The initial consultation generally will last one and a half hours. In addition to a thorough medical assessment, your consultations involve a thorough assessment of diet and nutritional state, exercise and lifestyle, stress management, and thought processes. Clients come out of a consultation with a more thorough understanding of their personal bodily makeup and how to tailor their lifestyle to this makeup.

The endpoint of the initial consultation is a comprehensive treatment plan which is formulated collaboratively with you. This treatment plan will be conveyed verbally if relatively simple, and in written form if complex and multilayered. The basis of a healing program is diet and lifestyle so generally our emphasis is on this area. Supplements, detoxification procedures, and emotional release techniques are all employed in order to address “blocking factors” or areas of weakness in the system so the body can then do what it knows best, to heal.

It is our policy to work together with specialists or other health practitioners who may be involved in your care. Our aim is to address the cause behind your health challenges, not primarily focusing on “symptom complexes” or medical diagnoses. These changes that occur through shifting your diet and lifestyle may take some time to have effect and medication may need to be continued until real healing has started to occur. The body’s natural speed of healing is often gradual, therefore patience and perseverance are needed. We are here to support you on this journey.

If needed, specialist referrals can be arranged. If the situation is particularly severe, medications can be employed to reduce symptoms or to attain a margin of safety. However, the underlying cause approach is always primary in our clinic.

We offer basic and advanced laboratory testing on all clients. Basic testing is offered through local laboratories and is often partly bulk-billed, and partly privately billed, due to many of the
tests being outside of standard practice. Specialized tests include nutrient testing, salivary hormone testing, and tests of liver metabolism, food intolerance, and intestinal flora. The purpose of these tests is to identify any areas that may act as blocks to the body’s healing.

Consultation fees are privately billed. Medicare rebates are generally available. A schedule of fees is available. We look forward to being of assistance.