Hannah Moore

please contact the clinic on 07 53133577 to book an appointment- currently available Wednesdays and Fridays

Hannah is a naturopath and medical herbalist who helps assist her patients to rediscover their
natural health balance. She has nine years clinical experience and is always learning and expanding
her knowledge into modalities which will assist her clients.

She facilitates her patients innate ability to heal though diet, nutrition and metabolic typing,
emotional and lifestyle coaching, herbal medicine and Ayurvedic principles. She also uses a
kinesiological technique called Quantum Reflex Analysis (QRA) which enables her to take a
deeper look into the root cause of her patient’s health concerns at the level of individual organs and
energy centres.

Hannah also has special interest in helping people who suffer from emotional health concerns such
as anxiety and depression, and emotional blocks of all types. She also has extensive experience
working in the areas of hormonal balance, fertility management and infections.
Overall Hannah works within a whole-person model to healing, utilising a caring nature and a true
desire to ease the suffering of others.

Clinic Times

Please contact the clinic on (07) 53133577 to book an appointment. Currently available Wednesdays and Fridays.