Injectable Nutrient Therapy


For those suffering from diseases of the gut, and general cellular dysfunction, absorbing nutrients into the blood-stream can be extremely difficult. This is where nutrients given directly via the injectable route can be extremely helpful. For those with severe viral infections and post-viral fatigue, intravenous vitamin C in particular can be dramatically effective. For those undergoing surgery, injectable nutrients can help compensate for the high nutrient needs during this time. Intravenous zinc, B complex and vitamin C are particularly important at that time. Those suffering with severe gastrointestinal disorders which involve malabsorption also are known to have a greatly increased nutritional needs. Many studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of intravenous glutathione in Parkinson’s Disease, and similar neurological conditions. Sometimes injectable nutrients are used at the start of a nutritional balancing program, to compensate for deficiencies.

Please note: injectable nutrient therapy is not a replacement for quality medical care, which involves a thorough clinical assessment and diagnosis.

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