Biomesotherapy is a relatively new therapy originating in Germany, and based on a modern scientific interpretation of homeopathic principles of strengthening the body’s healing field.

It involves:

  • Simulating the body with saline solutions that are injected directly into the skin with a tiny needle via an auto-injector system
  • Homeopathic medicines are given under the tongue which are specific for the ailment being treated.

In Europe, there are over 70 million consultations in treatments similar in nature to biomesotherapy per year. It is very popular, and used by well-known athletes and laypeople alike.

Its safety profile is excellent and one study suggests there is no difference in side-effects to taking homeopathic medications, which are generally virtually free of adverse effects.

The most common medicines used are called Traumeel and Zeel. These are produced in ampules, creams and also tablets by Heel, a TGA-approved manufacturer of quality European botanicals. These products contain no impurities and therefore do not toxify the body in any way.


biomesotherapyThe technique is nothing like steroid injections, prolotherapy or other modern medicine injection techniques which generally use large needles. The needles are finer, like acupuncture needles, and are inserted into an “auto-injector” device which delivers the injections at a precise depth in every injection, producing a very controlled and reproducible experience.

Some of these points are trigger points, as described in Western musculoskeletal therapy. Acupuncture points are sometimes used as well.

Treatment into and around joints, such as the knee or hip joints or lower back, is also common. Often the joints immediately above and below the joint exhibiting the symptoms are also injected. There are often around 8-12 points which are injected in one session.


Dr Gupta uses a technique which is taught by the Australian Association of Homotoxicology and adheres to strict technical guidelines. Sterile materials are used and a reproducible technique employed. The technique often has less discomfort than a standard acupuncture session.

Biomesotherapy uses carefully calculated diluted substances, which are diluted according to homeopathic potencies. Specific healing combinations of these medicines are used for particular conditions. There products meet Australian quality control standards.

Many of these products have been tested in modern double blind and drug monitoring studies in Europe. Many physicians are not aware that the research exists in medical journals, although not the local journals.

Biomesotherapy will often take a little longer to work than strong prescription drugs do, however they help the body to heal and move through the inflammatory response. Some clients do report almost immediate relief from pain and discomfort.


Biomesotherapy stimulates your body’s own healing capacity through encouraging it to move through and complete the inflammation process. Inflammation is a process whenever there is a minor injury to part of the body and there is redness, pain and heat. This is a normal process, whereby the body recruits white blood cells and inflammatory molecules called cytokines in order to repair the injury. However often what happens is the inflammation process becomes “stuck” and the body is unable to complete the process and complete repair of the area.

Biomesotherapy appears to be similar to prolotherapy (glucose injections) in that it helps the body repair by increasing vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) and therefore blood flow in the area of injury. This allows the white blood cells such as macrophages to enter the area, clean up the waste and repair the injury. This is very different to steroid injections, which tend to suppress the inflammation process. Although symptomatic response is usually achieved, sometimes healing is delayed due to this therapy.


Conditions which may benefit from Biomesotherapy according to Dr Gupta’s experience

These Include:

  • Knee and hip osteoarthritis
  • Bursitis of the hip or buttock area
  • Degenerative lower back pain
  • Frozen shoulder and rotator cuff injuries
  • Ankle strains and Achilles tendon problems

Occasionally after the first treatment one may feel worse due to stimulation of the inflammation process. This is normal and due to stimulating of your body’s healing mechanisms. It is usually quite short-lived.

In some cases it may be advantageous to combine a conventional medical approach with Biomesotherapy. Discuss with Dr Gupta regarding any medications or supplements you may be taking, and how they may interact with this therapy.

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