Dr Gupta’s Other Sites– Blog, Calendar & Products

Radiant Life Retreats – Health Adventures with Sandeep Gupta, Candice Soleil and Friends

Local Support

Brisbane Holistic Health Group – Regular monthly talks & lectures on holistic health – often at Northey Street City Farm

Sunshine Coast Holistic Health Group – Holistic Health support meetings including lectures, workshops and dinners on the Sunshine Coast

Online Education

Functional Medicine University – comprehensive, indepth training in “functional medicine”, the science of restoring the proper function of the bodily organs rather than treating disease. Can be of use to almost all health practitioners.

Functional Diagnostic Medicine Course – laboratory-based training in hormone balance, gastrointestinal health and antioxidant balance. A less comprehensive but more concise course than the Functional Medicine University Course.

Culture of Life Institute – offering a Masters in Vegan Live Food Nutrition, incorporating Essene Ministry and a 32-day intensive at the Tree of Life Rejuvenation Centre in Arizona, USA.

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